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The World is Loud

Recorded in the weeks before the pandemic, The World is Loud is a journey through the unconscious realm, the feminine, sexuality, and the disintegration of identity, set against the backdrop of the natural world. The album traverses many disparate emotional spaces, from indignation to reverence to detachment to despair. The sonic landscape is frenetic, sparse, and sorrowful, haunted by harmonic dissonance as the vocal lines weave unpredictably. It offers a harrowing, sometimes surreal lens into hidden and intimate places within the self.

The human voice is the entryway into Heddwen’s mysterious world, one that exists in the borderland

of invisible realities. Heddwen's latest release, The World is Loud, is available on all music platforms. 

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About Us

Heddwen is an indie duo with singer-songwriters Katie Rudman & Riley Skinner. With their experimental harmonic approach and dynamic emotional expression, Heddwen’s confessional music creates a space to explore vulnerability. Based in Asheville, NC and Minneapolis, MN, Katie and Riley perform across the United States.

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